How to Grow Your Own Indoor Herb Garden


An indoor herb garden provides the convenience of using fresh herbs whenever you want. Even if you have ample garden space, growing herbs indoors saves you the hassle of stepping outdoors during inclement weather. Not only are herbs important for health, but you can use them year-round. Whether you want basil or ground oregano for pizza, or mint and thyme for Indian chutney, all you have to do is walk over to your indoor garden and pluck the amount you need.

Step 1

Put the containers on a worktable. Check that they have adequate drainage holes in the bottom, or drill them yourself. Depending on personal choice, use 4-inch peat pots for individual herb plants, or a large planter with two to three rows of different herbs.

Step 2

Line the base of each container with a thin and even layer of gravel to help improve drainage.

Step 3

Add 1 part sand to 2 parts sterilized potting soil to create rich, organic potting mix. Mix with a stick. Add 1 tsp. of lime for every 5-inch pot to improve the quality of soil so the herbs grow well. Mix well and pour into each container until 1 inch below the rim.

Step 4

Sow seeds into each container or planter. Plant one seed per 5-inch pot, pushing it down in the soil so it is not visible. For larger containers, space seeds up to 3 inches apart. Plant seeds in rows if using a large planter box. Space seeds 3 inches apart, and rows up to 8 inches apart.

Step 5

Place the containers on a sunny windowsill, or any indoor spot that receives six to eight hours of direct sunlight every day. Select a south-facing windowsill that receives plenty of morning sunlight but dappled afternoon shade to protect the herbs from sunburn. Rotate the containers every three to four days so all herbs get sunlight.

Step 6

Water the seeds to ensure the soil is evenly moist. Water frequently to prevent the soil from drying out. Fertilize your herbs with a liquid fertilizer every 10 days to provide adequate nourishment.

Step 7

Thin herbs when they grow 2 inches tall to provide each plant adequate room to spread and grow. Space each herb plant 6 to 8 inches apart.

Things You'll Need

  • Containers
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Sterilized potting soil
  • Stick
  • Lime
  • Herb seeds


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