How to Dry Jasmine Flowers


Jasmine flowers offer a strong and sensual fragrance to your environment, and when jasmine flowers are dried they retain hints of this floral scent. Drying jasmine flowers allows you to save them for uses such as homemade potpourri, floral arrangements and scrapbooking crafts. An easy task to achieve, drying jasmine flowers only requires a few basic material and a few days to cure. This assures your jasmine flowers will be dry, preserved and usable in your next floral craft.

Step 1

Gather a bundle of jasmine blossoms and snip the foliage from the sprig on which they are blooming. Don't snip the woody stem of the blossoms.

Step 2

Insert the jasmine, blossom side down, into the paper sack. Allow the stem of the flowers to protrude from the top of the sack.

Step 3

Secure the rubber band around the top of the sack and the stem of the jasmine blossoms. Make sure the blossoms of the jasmine are not touching the bottom of the sack.

Step 4

Poke a few small holes near the bottom of the paper sack. This provides a way for the air to circulate through the bag to dry the flowers.

Step 5

Allow the jasmine and paper sack to sit undisturbed in a dry area for up to a week.

Things You'll Need

  • Jasmine blossoms
  • Paper sack
  • Scissors
  • Rubber band
  • Sharp knife, or pencil for puncturing the bag


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