How to Grow a Lucky Bamboo Plant


Lucky bamboo is not actually from the bamboo family. It is a member of the lily family that just happens to look like real bamboo. It is considered lucky by many Asian cultures, a belief that has spread to the United States and other countries. You can now see these plants in homes and offices in the Western world. Lucky bamboo is considered to be an easy-to-grow plant.

Step 1

Choose a healthy lucky bamboo plant. It should have bright green leaves and stalks. Plants with brown or yellowing leaves should be avoided. You can find the lucky bamboo in nurseries, garden centers and online.

Step 2

Put your plant in the center of the container you've chosen. Clear containers are nice, as you can enjoy the colored stones or marbles used. Pour about 3 inches of stones or marbles around the stalk of the plant while you hold it vertically straight.

Step 3

Pour water over the stones in the container, just to the top of the stones.

Step 4

Wash out the container, the stones and the bottom roots of the lucky bamboo plant about once per week. The stones and container should be washed with soapy water and then rinsed thoroughly. Use only clear water to rinse off the plant's root system. Replant the lucky bamboo as you planted it the first time.

Step 5

Set the plant away from direct sunlight. Lucky bamboo is not extremely particular about its location, other than being burned by direct sunlight. It will do fine in a partially shaded area or under electric lighting.

Things You'll Need

  • Container
  • Stones or marbles


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