How to Compost Rabbit Manure


Rabbit manure contains many of the nutrients that plants need. It contains large amounts of phosphorous which aids in flower and fruit formation. And it is also high in nitrogen which not only feeds plants, but also the microorganisms responsible for breaking down compost. Rabbit manure is so good for plants that it can be directly applied to a garden bed, according to New Mexico State University Extension. When added to a compost pile, it speeds up the composting process and becomes much easier to spread evenly over a garden bed.

Step 1

Deposit the rabbit manure (and any soiled litter) into a collection container. It is easier to compost loads of manure at a time rather than running to the compost bin every time you clean out the litter tray.

Step 2

Empty the rabbit manure into the compost pile.

Step 3

Add twice the amount by volume of carbon-rich or "brown" compost material to the pile. Dried leaves or pine needles, hay and bark are all considered "brown" material. This will keep the nitrogen to carbon ratio ideal for decomposition.

Step 4

Add a handful of garden or potting soil to the compost pile to introduce a fresh supply of the microorganisms responsible for decomposition.

Step 5

Turn your compost pile with a shovel to thoroughly mix the ingredients you have just added.

Step 6

Repeat the process as material becomes available, until your compost pile is between 3 and 5 cubic feet.

Things You'll Need

  • Container
  • Brown material
  • Shovel


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