Flowers for October

Fall is generally when things start going dormant for the winter. Leaves turn and fall and grass stops growing. However, there are several beautiful flowers that are still blooming or just starting to open come October. Most would think that these flowers would be in the fall color spectrum, but actually they come in lots of colors including pretty pinks and lavenders.


Zinnias are a popular flower in the fall. They come in rich fall colors and last well into late October. It is an easy annual plant that includes around 10 garden flower varieties. Zinnias can reach heights from 10 inches to over 3 feet. The flowers themselves vary--some look like single petal row daisies while others look like cones with multiple rows. Grow zinnias in rich soil that drains and give them plenty of sunlight. The flowers will reseed on their own for the following year.


Dahlias come in colors ranging from deep reds and pinks to light purples and white. Flower sizes can be as big as a plate or small like a daisy. They last through mid October depending on the weather. Grow dahlias in sun and make sure the soil is always damp. To increase flower production, pinch off the plant after it has grown several leaves on one stem. Multiple buds will form. For tall plants, leave the stems alone and let the single flower develop.


Chrysanthemums join the fall season in October and last through November. The flowers take on different shapes; some resemble daisies or pompoms while others look like cone flowers or buttons. Chrysanthemums also come in different colors. The flowers themselves are actually a bunch of flowers running off a central point. Plant them in a sandy soil at least 1 1/2 feet apart. They prefer full sun and need a balanced fertilizer about every two weeks.


Marigolds come in several colors, including yellow and orange. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine's MedLine Plus information site, certain types of marigolds have proved to be somewhat useful in treating skin irritations. Marigolds should be planted in full sun in a rich, well-draining soil about 1 foot apart. Keep soil damp for best results.

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