White Flowers to Plant

White flowers in the garden make the other colors pop in contrast. White is a cool color and tames down fiery oranges and reds. White almost glows at dusk and an all-white garden is calming during the day and seems magical at night during a full moon. Many white flowers are strongly scented as well.


Gardenias grow on bushes up to 2 feet high with dark, glossy, arrow-shaped leaves that stay green all year. The bush blossoms in early spring through summer. It prefers dappled shade where summers are hot or the leaves will burn. It prefers well-drained acidic soil and doesn't do well in alkaline soil. The flowers are 1.5-to-2 inches in diameter and resemble roses. The stems of the flower are short, so it's not often used in floral arrangements but is used in corsages. Gardenias are highly scented and only come in white.


A gardener's favorite, roses come in all colors except true blue. The size and shape range from miniature roses with blooms the size of a quarter to huge cabbage roses nearly 5 inches across. Bushes grow to be from 2-to-5 feet high, and climbing roses will grow to 30 feet high. 'Winchester Cathedral' and 'Snow Goose' are two old English white roses that are highly scented.


Jasmine flowers are small and star-shaped on vines that grow by twining around a support. It flowers once a year during spring and early summer, but when it does the entire garden is scented. Flowers only last a few days before falling off the vine. If you don't mind replacing it every two days or so, jasmine makes a pretty bouquet that will scent your living room with its lovely perfume.


Honeysuckle comes in a variety of colors, including orange, pink, yellow and white. Both yellow and white flowers appear on the same vine at the same time. They grow to 30 feet high and need a support. The vines become rather heavy over time. The flowers are small--about an inch long--and taper to a point at the end near the stem.

Angel Trumpet

If you want an unusual flower with huge blooms and a strong floral scent then angel trumpet should be your choice. The flowers are trumpet-shaped and up to 8 inches long. They hang down from the plant and open at night. Colors include white, yellow, pink and purple. All varieties and all parts of the plants are poisonous. Be careful around pets and children.

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