Types of Citrus Trees

There are several types of citrus fruit grown on trees. They can make a great addition to your garden depending on where you live. Citrus trees mainly grow in mild to warm climates. If they can be grown in your area, you will need to provide a bit of extra care if you want them to produce quality fruit.

Orange Trees

Orange trees originated in China and reach heights of 30 feet. They need full sunlight, but can tolerate cool temperatures. Soil should be well draining and kept moist. Freezing weather, however, is not good for the trees and can affect fruit production for the year. The trees provide a pretty white flower in the spring before fruit are produce, and it is at this time that the tree is most susceptible to frost damage. If you can keep the flowers from being damaged, the fruit should be fine.

Lemon Trees

Lemon trees are easy to take care of, and can be grown in the ground or in a container. Soil should be well draining and slightly acidic with enough water to keep it damp. If you are growing the lemon tree inside, remember that height can get around 7 feet for indoor growth. Place in a location that gives them lots of sunshine, and if indoors, bring them outside on warm days so the bugs can help with pollination. Pruning is not needed unless you have an issue with height. If you do need to clip a limb, wait until after fruit production.

Lime Trees

All lime trees produce fruit that when ripe is actually yellow, not green. Key-lime trees grow a lime fruit that is a bit different in taste than a basic lime, and is the only citrus tree that drops the fruit when it is ripe. Some lime trees are not tolerant of cool weather and are best grown in climates that have mild winters. Plant them in full sun with well draining soil that is slightly higher than the ground around it. Give fertilizer every couple of months and water at least every other day to keep the ground damp.

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