How to Plant Rose of Sharon Bushes


A rose of Sharon bush is an attractive plant that gives you blooms through summer and autumn. This gives your yard color long after many flowers have stopped flowering. The shrubs don't require a lot of tending, but do benefit from a little compost each year in the spring, which gives them some extra nutrients for the year. Planting location is the most important decision. After that, just enjoy their beauty.

Step 1

Place the rose of Sharon in an area that receives sun throughout the day but gets some shade. Soil must be well-draining and damp. Give them at least 8 feet of space on either side.

Step 2

Dig a hole with a shovel, and make sure the hole is deep enough for the entire root ball. The hole should be at least two times wider than the roots as well. If you found the right spot but the soil doesn't drain well, dig a hole larger than you need. Mix together potting soil, some of the dirt that you dug up, and sand. Fill the hole partially in with this soil mix. This will give the plant the drainage it needs.

Step 3

Lower the rose of Sharon into the hole, making sure that the root system will fit in the hole.

Step 4

Cover the roots over with the dirt that you dug up. If you made a drainage mix, cover it with that. Tap the soil down with your foot and keep filling in until it is compact and slightly mounded. The mounding will allow for further settling of the soil.

Step 5

Apply mulch around the base of the bush to retain moisture, but don't put it too close to the trunk because that might cause rotting issues.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Potting soil
  • Sand
  • Mulch


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