How to Safely Kill Grass


Although grass is often desirable, grass sometimes requires removal, whether it be to renovate a yard, or if it is popping up through the driveway. Some grass varieties are weeds, and can quickly overtake a lawn if not controlled immediately. A variety of chemicals are available that kill grass quickly, but these chemicals can be harmful to the soil, other plants in the landscape, and the environment in general. Killing grass is possible with cultivation neglect and some newspaper.

Step 1

Change your sprinkler direction or stop watering the lawn area you wish to kill to weaken the grass, recommends the Colorado State University Extension.

Step 2

Lay sheets of newspaper over the unwanted grass, 10 sheets thick, and moisten the newspaper recommends Gardening Know How. Newspaper blocks out sunlight, and the moisture adds excessive heat to the lawn, causing the grass to choke.

Step 3

Cover the newspaper with a 4-inch layer of wood chip mulch to keep the newspaper from blowing away. Colorado State recommends buying wood chips from a local tree service company. Wet the wood chips to weight them down.

Step 4

Wait two to three weeks before removing the newspaper from the yard. Check underneath the paper to see whether the grass is dead before removal.

Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper
  • Water
  • Mulch


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