The Best Flowers for Full Sun

When planning your landscaping, many areas of your lawn may get little shade. In order to dress up these areas, you will need to find plants and flowers that can withstand the hot sun. Most of these flowers require little water or care and survive drought conditions. Check the hang tags at your local nursery for plants that enjoy full sunlight.

Black-eyed Susan

The black-eyed Susan is one of the most common wildflowers in North America. The black-eyed Susan is easy to grow and prefers direct sunshine. The flowers bloom from June to August and are bright yellow with a domed, brown center. Black-eyed Susan's grow up to 3 feet in height and work well in the back of a flower garden. They are usually grown from seeds and are very showy when grown in large groups.


Pansies are grown as annuals and come is a wide variety of colors. They prefer bright, sunny locations and work well as a window plant. The plants grow up to 9 inches tall and bloom throughout the spring and summer. Their size makes this flower an excellent border or edging plant. They can tolerate cooler temperatures of fall. Pansies need weekly watering and fertilizing twice a month in order to produce the largest, long-lasting blooms.


Geraniums come in a wide array of colors and the flowers are very fragrant. They prefer a spot in the garden that gets eight hours of sun or more a day in order to produce the largest blooms. Geraniums are easy growing flowers and can grow in most any type of soil except areas with standing water. Over watering these flowers can cause the roots to rot. They work well as a window plant or in flower boxes. You can start your geraniums indoors in mid-January for an early spring planting.

Moss Rose

Moss Rose plants are an annual plant that prefers a hot, dry location to grow. These plants make an excellent ground cover because they only grow 4 to 8 inches tall. It can spread up to 2 feet in width very quickly with blooms that come in red, yellow, purple, pink and orange. These flowers work well alone driveways and in rock gardens that hold in a lot of heat. Moss Rose requires little care and will bloom throughout the summer months.

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