How to Water a Hanging Planter


Adding hanging planters around your patio can make it feel homey. The many different kinds of plants that you grow in hanging planters will add vibrant color to your environment, from reds to greens to yellows to purples. Water needs of hanging planters are higher than plants grown in the ground. Being exposed on multiple sides dries the soil rapidly. Without sufficient watering, your plants can go from looking healthy to wilting and possibly dead quickly.

Step 1

Lower the hanging planter by lifting its hook out of the hanging bracket. Set it on the ground so you can better assess the condition of the soil.

Step 2

Feel the soil to see if the top inch is dried out. If it is still moist, hang the planter back up and check it the following day.

Step 3

Pour water into the planter until you see water draining from the bottom of the planter. If you just pour a little water into the planter, you will end up with dry pockets in the soil.

Step 4

Hang the planter back up. Check it daily on bright, sunny days and at least every other day on cloudy days.

Things You'll Need

  • Water


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