Ideas for Flower Arrangements

Arranging flowers can be a fun and creative pastime. Many home gardeners enjoy this hobby using flowers from their own gardens. They enjoy the mingling of colors and fragrances. Some dry the flowers before creating arrangements with them.

Candle Bowl Arrangement

This type of arrangement is made using a clear glass floating candle bowl. Fill the bowl with glass pebbles, using clear or colored ones, then add water. Place cut flowers into the bowl. A lily can be placed in the center, slightly taller then the rest of the flowers to be used. Daisies can be used to surround the lily, and then baby's breath can be placed here and there in the arrangement. This arrangement can be placed on a table runner, with a candle on either side of the bowl.

Round Glass Vase Arrangement

These arrangements are easy to create using clear glass vases that are round in shape. They can be found in craft supply stores, and have a decorative lip at the top. After filling the vase half-full of water, cut a fresh rose or carnation almost to the bloom. The flower will stay intact. Place the flower into the vase. The flower will not extend above the lip of the jar. Weave ribbon around the edge of a round lace doily. Place the doily over the vase, and tie the ribbon below the vase's lip. A matching doily can be placed under the vase.

Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

Flower arrangements for autumn are fun and easy to create. This arrangement uses a small pumpkin as a vase. Cut the top off the pumpkin as if for carving. Clean the pumpkin out and fill it two-thirds full of water. Fill the pumpkin with autumn flowers, such as marigold. For the center, add a dwarf sunflower or a few black-eyed Susans. This arrangement can be placed on the table as the centerpiece for the Thanksgiving meal. If you're using this for Halloween, replace the center flower with a dark blue or black flower. Painting a jack o' lantern face on the vase also works well for this holiday. Place this on a black lace tablecloth near the door where the Halloween treats are kept. Another decorative touch would be to add a spider or black cat flower pick to the arrangement.

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