How to Use Lawn Edging


The right lawn edging helps keep grass from crossing over into your garden and can reduce or eliminate trimming the edges of your lawn. Pavers, stones and other edge borders are attractive solutions for the perimeters of gardens and flower beds, but these above ground materials rarely stop your lawn from spreading into unwanted areas. Select a lawn edging that you can mow over to keep lawn maintenance to a minimum.

Step 1

Measure out how much metal or plastic lawn edging you'll need for the project. You can separate the grass from the garden or flower beds, line a walkway or surround a mailbox. Each type of lawn edging is flexible so you can bend it to fit your space.

Step 2

Place a wooden stake at the beginning and end of the desired lawn edge line. Tie builder's string to each stake to create a straight line for the edging.

Step 3

Cut a 4-inch deep line in your lawn along the string line with a square spade. If you are creating curves, shave off the vertical cuts to help smooth the ground to create the curves.

Step 4

Snap the 8-foot lengths of edging together to fit the crevice. Metal and plastic edging products are 4-inches deep, so they will fit inside the 4-inch crevice. If necessary, cut the end piece to fit with a hacksaw. File the cut to round off the sharp end.

Step 5

Place the edging into the crevice. Rest the edging against the vertical edge of the ground.

Step 6

Insert stakes into the crevice to rest against the edging material using a hammer. The stakes should be included as part of the edging package. Stake the edging so that the top rim is 1/2-inch above soil level.

Step 7

Fill in the crevice in front of the lawn edging with soil. Pack the soil firmly against the edging. If you plan to use mulch in the garden, leave room for the mulch to fit beneath the rim of the edging.

Things You'll Need

  • Wooden stakes
  • Builder's string
  • Square spade
  • Measuring tape
  • Hacksaw
  • Metal file
  • Hammer
  • Shovel


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