The Best Daylillies

The highest award a daylily cultivar can receive is the Stout Silver Medal given by the American Hemerocallis Society. This medal is given to one daylily that has previously been chosen as an Award of Merit winner. The flowers are judged for their beauty and for the overall vigor and performance of the plant. Daylilies are a perennial flower that increases its root and crown spread each year. Clumps can be divided every four years to create new plants.


The 2009 winner 'Skinwalker' is a spider daylily introduced in 1997 by N. Roberts. Spider daylilies have long thin flower petals. It has 8 1/2 inch blooms of crème with a lemon yellow center stripe on each petal. It is nocturnal in habit and is a repeat bloomer that starts in mid-summer. The foliage grows to a height of 32 inches.

'All American Chief'

'All American Chief' of 2008 also won the "Extra Large Diameter" award from the American Hermerocallis Society in 2006. The flower is 9 inches in diameter and blooms in the early mid-season. Its colors are bright reddish-orange with a yellow throat. The plant reaches 36 inches in height.

'Lavender American Blue Baby'

The 2007 recipient is bright lavender with slight ruffled edges and an inner band pattern of darker bluish-lavender with a green throat. The flower measures 5 ½ inches across. 'Lavender American Blue Baby daylilies are easy to care for and are drought-tolerant.

'Ed Brown'

The flowers on this daylily are pale ice pink with a heavily braided gold ¼ inch margin at the petal edge. It is a semi-evergreen plant that grows to 29 inches in height. 'Ed Brown' daylily blooms in mid-season and re-blooms until frost. The flowers are 4 ½ inches in diameter. Dwarf varieties of daylilies are used in rock gardens and borders.

'Fooled Me'

'Fooled Me' won the Stout Silver Medal Award in 2005. It is a banded flower daylily of bright yellow with a reddish-orange eyezone. Petals are slightly ruffled on a 4 ½ inch flower. It has a single petaled flower that blooms early to mid-season on an 18 to 24 inch plant.

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