Fresh Mint Chutney

Fresh Mint Chutney

Fresh Mint Chutney
By Darina Allen


1 large cooking apple (we use Grenadier or Bramley Seedling), peeled and cored
a large handful of fresh mint leaves - preferably spearmint or Bowle's mint
55g (2oz) onions
30-55g (1-2oz) castor sugar (depending on tartness of apple)
salt and a little cayenne pepper

This fresh chutney is often served in India with curries. It can also be eaten with grilled fish or roast lamb instead of mint sauce. Surprisingly, even though it is uncooked, this chutney will keep for several days in a covered jar or plastic container in the refrigerator. Whizz all the ingredients in a food processor, then season to taste with salt and a little cayenne pepper.

Tip: Serve mint chutney as a really yummy dip with poppodums before dinner, or as a simple starter.

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