Vegetables to Grow for Beginners

Growing a home garden is a rewarding pastime and can help lower food bills. If you're a beginner, choose easy crops for your first vegetable garden. Starting with easier vegetables allows you to gain experience in gardening and will give you confidence.

Zucchini Squash

Zucchini squash, also referred to as summer squash, is a common beginner vegetable plant. It grows well in a variety of conditions and only a few healthy plants will deliver an abundance of produce. Squash plants prefer well drained and loose soil because these plants develop on shallow rooting systems. In addition, they need full sun to produce. Squash should be harvested while fruit is small. According to University of Illinois Extension, many people also the squash blossoms for culinary purposes. Squash plants can be planted outside as early as the final frost. However, some gardeners chose to grow one crop in the spring and another late in the summer to ensure squash through fall.


Tomato plants are a vegetable garden staple. There are many cultivars (types) to choose from. Tomatoes do not require a huge amount of space and will generally produce fruit all season. In addition, they will adapt easily to most soil conditions. Generally, tomato plants may be planted outdoors as early as May or after the last frost. They need full sun and may require staking or specialty cages, depending on the cultivar. Although tomatoes are not picky about their soil requirements they are about water. Tomato plants need plenty of water to produce fruit.


Beans are prolific growers and are a nutritious addition to your meals, making them a rewarding crop for beginner gardeners. According to Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service, beans prefer crumbly soil that does not inhibit seedling growth. Bean plants also need full sun. Bean seeds are generally planted directly into the ground after the final frost of the season. PUCES also states that for continuous bean crops throughout the season, these new bean crops should be planted every two to three weeks from spring until midsummer.

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