How to Press Leaves and Flowers


Flowers and leaves that are pressed flat and dried over a period of time are used for crafts and card making. Fresh flowers should be picked when at the bud and full bloom stage before deterioration starts. It is important that flowers be moisture free to prevent mildew or rotting petals. The pressing process will take a few weeks to naturally occur. Flower press kits are available from craft stores, but there is a simple method of pressing flowers that can be done at no cost.

Step 1

Set out the pressing supplies before picking the fresh flowers. Snip or pick flower stems such as pansies, daisies and attractive leaves.

Step 2

Place the flower pieces between the pages of a newspaper. Make sure the flowers are placed in the positions needed for future projects. Stems can be set with the blossom fully open or lying on one side. Make space between the flowers to keep the petals and stems from touching one another.

Step 3

Insert the newspaper sheets into separate pages of the phone book.

Step 4

Place the phone book on to a smooth, flat surface.

Step 5

Pile 15 to 20 lbs. of flat books on top of the phone book. The weight will press down on to the flowers, flattening them. Allow the flowers to dry thoroughly for a few weeks.

Step 6

Pull one newspaper sheet from the phone book to test the flowers. Carefully open the paper, and pull a flower from the sheet. Remove the dried pressed flowers from the paper, and store in an airtight container.

Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper
  • Phone book
  • Heavy books


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