How to Water a Pear Tree


A pear tree is an ideal addition to a landscape for its shade, delicious fruit harvest fragrant blossoms and beauty. Once established, a pear tree is easy to grow and requires little pruning. It can grow in a variety of climate zones. When watering a pear tree, keep in mind that the tree's different growth stages require different types of watering, as well as the change of seasons.

Step 1

Water the pear tree with about 2 inches of water every week, right at the base, during spring and fall seasons.

Step 2

Water the pear tree twice a week with about 2 inches of water each time during any hot, dry summer months to combat the extra evaporation.

Step 3

Do not water the pear tree after the fall's first frost. After the last frost, resume spring watering.

Step 4

Consider using an anti-desiccant, which is a type of spray product that coats the tree leaves and branches with an air-permeable coating. This reduces the water evaporation rate and makes the risk of disease smaller. Usually used during summer, one application can help conserve around 30 percent of the water provided to the tree.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Anti-dessicant


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