Names of English Roses

English roses are a modern introduction into the world of rose gardening. This group of roses was introduced by David Austin, the English rose hybridizer. English roses have full blooms and strong fragrances, but bloom in a wider variety of colors than other types of roses. English roses are ever-blooming roses that bloom multiple times throughout a growing season. David Austin is still producing new varieties on an annual basis, so new named varieties are introduced every year.

2010 -- 2011 Varieties

The varieties introduced for 2010 and 2011 include the Princess Anne, Cariad, and Susan Williams-Ellis, among others. The Princess Anne has a long growing season and features dense clusters of pink flowers. The Cariad has fragrant semi-double blossoms that grow on a shrub with less density than other rose shrubs. The Susan Williams-Ellis has strong old rose fragrance and pure white blossoms.

2009 -- 2010 Varieties

The years 2009 and 2010 saw the introduction of the Lady of Shallot, Tam o'Shanter, Wedgewood Rose and Kew Gardens varieties. The Lady of Shallot has a warm tea fragrance and chalice shaped blooms. The Tam o'Shanter is a large shrub that flowers repeatedly with deep pink blossoms. The Wedgewood has old rose style blossoms with a fruity fragrance.

2008 -- 2009 Varieties

The years 2008 and 2009 saw the introduction of only three new varieties. These were the Sir John Betjeman, the Wisley 2008, and the Young Licidias. The Sir John Betjeman has light pink blossoms with a light apple fragrance. The Wisley 2008 features delicate soft pink blooms with a fruity fragrance. The Young Licidias has big blossoms that are deeply cupped and a strong fragrance.

2007 -- 2008 Varieties

Varieties introduced during the 2007 to 2008 season included the Claire Austin, the Munstead Wood, and the Port Sunlight, among others. The Claire Austin features white cup-like blossoms with a strong myrrh-like scent. The Munstead wood variety feature deep crimson flowers with a fruity old rose fragrance. The Port Sunlight has apricot colored blossoms with a strong tea rose fragrance.

2006 -- 2007 Varieties

The years 2006 and 2007 saw the introduction of six varieties, including the Darcey Bussell, Lady of Megginch and the Litchfield Angel. The Darcey Bussell grows on a short shrub and features crimson red flowers with a fruity fragrance. The Lady of Megginch has raspberry colored blossoms with a fruity old rose scent. The Litchfield Angel has apricot colored blossoms that open into cream-colored rosettes with a light clove fragrance.

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