How to Plant Corn Seeds in the Ground


If you have the space to grow it in your home garden, nothing beats the taste of fresh home-grown corn come harvest time. Depending on the variety, corn takes between 75 and 100 days to reach maturity, with the super-sweet varieties taking longest. Each corn stalk should produce at least one ear, while many varieties producing three or more ears per stalk. Care should be taken to keep multiple varieties of corn separated in the garden to prevent cross-pollination of the plants.

Step 1

Create at least two trenches 1 inch deep and 3 feet apart in the prepared garden space. You can use the end of a hoe handle to create the seed trenches.

Step 2

Drop corn seed kernels 8 to 12 inches apart in the trench.

Step 3

Cover the corn kernels with soil from either side of the trench to a depth of approximately 1 inch.

Step 4

Keep the area free of weeds as the corn grows. Weeds take away nutrients from the soil that the corn needs to produce uniform mature ears.

Things You'll Need

  • Hoe
  • Corn seed kernels


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