The Best Herbs to Grow in Pots

Growing herbs in pots for cooking or medicinal purposes keeps the fresh flavors close to the kitchen. These same potted herbs provide a savory additive when dried. Growing herbs in pots allows you to add the taste of fresh herbs to your culinary experience.


Mint, a perennial plant, spreads through runners sent under ground and can easily take over an entire area of the garden if left unchecked. Grow mint in pots to contain the plant and keep it from becoming invasive. You can harvest the potted mint any time and also bring the plant inside during cold weather. Once winter is over, the potted mint transfers back into the garden with ease.


Basil requires little attention but plenty of water. Containing the basil plant in a pot makes it easier to supply the moisture the plant needs without over-watering the other plants in the garden. Since basil is an annual herb, growing the basil in a container also makes it easier to bring in during the winter. Bringing basil inside helps retain the fresh leaves a bit longer. Once the plant is spent, plant more seeds to keep a fresh supply of basil on hand for any tomato dishes you serve.


Do not overlook chives when growing herbs in pots. The tasty plant grows well in a sunny windowsill and adds a finishing touch to many dishes. From salads to soups, fresh chives add an extra zip of flavor. With the container of chives so close there is no need to skimp on adding that extra aroma and taste. You can dry the herb to save for later use or even freeze chopped chives for longer storage.

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