How to Build a Trellis with Bamboo


Construct a functional yet decorative garden or backyard trellis for climbing vines such as clematis, morning glory, jasmine and roses, and even vegetables such as peas and beans. A trellis is a handy garden structure that frees up ground space as it supports vines to grow upward. Use bamboo poles that are sturdy and add natural charm to a particular spot. Bamboo poles are available for sale in hardware stores, but you can collect them from your local field or park as well.

Step 1

Sketch your trellis on paper to determine the shape, number of horizontal and vertical bamboo poles you need, their sizes and spacing between them. Keep it up to 6 feet high to support climbing vines properly.

Step 2

Use the detailed sketch on graph paper to cut vertical and horizontal bamboo poles to size. Using a handsaw, cut each bamboo pole just above each node to prevent water from collecting during rains and resulting in a weak, mold- or rot-infested structure.

Step 3

Arrange the horizontal and vertical poles on the ground according to the desired design. Make sure the spacing matches that specified on paper. Depending on how you want to install the trellis, keep the two extreme vertical poles 2 feet longer than the structure to allow for the "legs" that you will bury in the ground. Otherwise, you can also suspend the trellis from a wall or fence with wire.

Step 4

Mark the spot where two bamboo poles overlap one another with masking tape. Do this throughout your dry-fitted trellis so assembling it is easier and less time-consuming.

Step 5

Wind leashing cord over all the demarcated spots to join overlapping bamboo poles. Make sure you wind the cord securely around several times to prevent it from coming loose, specially when the trellis is installed in the ground. Trim excess cord off with scissors.

Step 6

Wet the desired spot where you want to install the trellis so it is easy to push the "legs" into soft soil. Measure the distance from one extreme vertical pole of the trellis to the other, and mark two spots that correspond to this measurement over the ground. Have a friend hold the top of the trellis while you push each leg into the ground, directly over the demarcated spot. An alternative to this is to suspend the trellis from an unused door, fence or wall with garden wire extended through the corners and middle.

Things You'll Need

  • Graph paper
  • Pencil
  • 8-foot-tall, 1-inch-thick bamboo poles
  • Handsaw
  • Measuring tape
  • Masking tape
  • Leashing cord
  • Scissors
  • Garden hose
  • Garden wire


  • Fine Gardening: Build a Bamboo Trellis
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