Dendrobium Orchid Colors

More than 1,000 species of dendrobium orchids exist, spanning a range of sizes and shapes. In the wild, the dendrobium is usually epiphytic, which means it grows on another plant, like a tree. While the orchid is found both in the remotest tropical jungles and on exposed mountains, the plant is known for its delicate blooms and pastel shades such as pink, purple and yellow. Certain types are deciduous and drop their leaves in the early winter, while others are evergreen. Dendrobium orchid species generally prefer bright light, small pots, well-drained soil and humidity between 50 and 70 percent.


Dendrobium kingianum is a pink orchid with cane-like stems that flowers from late winter to early spring. A native of Australia, the kingianum prefers daytime temperatures of 64 degrees Fahrenheit and nighttime temperatures above 53 degrees, according to "Easy Orchids," by Liz Johnson. The dendrobium nobile is a widely grown orchid with many cultivars in several different colors, including pink. This orchid has a cooling requirement of at least 46 degrees during the winter for a minimum of three months to produce flowers. The dendrobium cutherbertsonii produces bright pink, almost fuchsia, flowers that can last nine months or more. The plant favors cool temperatures and high humidity.


Purple dendrobium orchids include the victoriae-reginae, which has spear-shaped petals that fade from white to purple-blue along the tips. The orchid is deciduous, according to "The Gardener's Guide to Growing Orchids," by William and Brian Rittershausen. The blue twinkle hybrid favors warm temperatures and bright light. The purple-tipped flowers can bloom anytime during the year. Considered easy to grow, the orchid is kept wet from spring to fall and dried out during the winter. Primulinum is a cool-growing orchid with a chill requirement in the winter. The purple flowers bloom in the late winter and last six weeks or more. The orchid is deciduous and drops its leaves in the fall.


Dendrobium speciosum is an Australian native and needs cool nights and a cool, dry winter rest with bright light, according to "Taylor's Guide to Orchids," by Judy White. The yellow flowers bloom between December and May. Toressae is also from Australia. This orchid is an evergreen with alternating leaves that form a dense mat. The yellow flowers bloom intermittently throughout the year in medium to low light. The chrysotoxum blooms from March to June with bright yellow flowers with orange centers that last six weeks. The orchid needs bright light and intermediate temperatures ranging from 55 to 60 degrees at night during the growing season.

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