Beautiful Landscape Border Ideas

The main landscape features are not the only attractive elements in your garden. The borders dividing your landscape and separating it from adjacent yards add attractiveness. Beautiful landscape borders give shape and definition to your plant beds, trees and hardscape elements.

Brick Garden Border

Southern Gardening Guide suggests creating an attractive boundary between your garden and a courtyard or path with a brick garden border. Raise the garden or lower the courtyard so it's about the height of a brick above the courtyard. Choose bricks that provide an attractive contrast between the garden and the courtyard. Line the garden with a layer of bricks. Then, install a second layer of flat bricks, even with the courtyard, and mortar the bricks in place to create a durable and beautiful border.

Rough Rock Border

Irregular rocks make a simple, cheap and beautiful landscape border for homeowners who like a rustic look. recommends going to a granite quarry. Also, visit reuse centers and look for attractive and unusual pavers and bricks. Often, landscape walls are constructed from attractively weathered, irregular rocks.

Bamboo Border

For a great alternative to a hardscape border, use running bamboo. Build a raised bed or mark off a rectangular area with buried edging that goes at least 1 foot underground to prevent the bamboo from spreading beyond the border area. Then, plant running bamboo suited for your climate. It will quickly spread to fill the entire area, creating a wall of beautiful bamboo canes.

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