Buying Potato Onion Sets


The potato onion is a multiplier onion that reproduces in small clusters under the ground. Similar to shallots, these onions are sweet and mild, making them ideal for addition to fresh garden salads, potato dishes or any recipe that calls for mild onions. Harvested in fall, and stored in a cool dry place, potato onions keep for several months. Saving a few bulbs for replanting in the spring keeps you in supply of potato onions all year.

Step 1

Visit your local seed supply company to purchase potato onions sets. Potato onions may be packaged and sold in mesh bags or may be sold in bulk.They may be labeled as multiplier onions.

Step 2

Look for onion sets that are firm and healthy. Bulbs should be covered with papery onion skin. Bulbs without skins or that feel soft and mushy should be avoided.

Step 3

Examine the growing tip of the onion set. Although a small green sprout at the end is acceptable, avoid those with sprouts longer than1/4 inch.

Step 4

Buy approximately 30 to 40 onion sets for a 10-foot row of onions, depending on the intended spacing between onions. To allow adequate room for potato onions to multiple, space 4 inches apart. For young green onions, onion sets can be planted 2 to 3 inches apart.

Things You'll Need

  • Seed catalog (optional)


  • University of Florida Extension: Onion, Potato
  • University of Minnesota Extension: Growing Onions

Who Can Help

  • Mail Order Gardening Association: Garden Catalogs
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