How to Use Poppy Pods


Poppy pods are mainly used for crafting, flower arranging and medicinal purposes. Most gardeners harvest poppy pod heads from their own personal supply of poppy ornamentals. For those whose climate is not well suited to the poppy and for those searching for more variety, many online vendors offer both dried and fresh poppy pods for use in crafts. Poppy pods come in a variety of shapes and sizes making the crafting possibilities limited only by your imagination.

Step 1

Finely chop one to 10 fresh Papaver somniferum or Eschscholzia californica poppy pods and boil them in a few cups of water to make a bitter medicinal tea. This tea is often used to help detoxify those suffering from opiate or heroin addictions (Papaver somniferum) or as a pain reliever, sedative, diuretic, cough suppressant and mild intoxicant.

Step 2

Arrange fresh or dried poppy pods in flower arrangements. Fresh poppy stems and pods can make their own bold bouquet or dried or fresh poppy pods can be combined with roses, ferns, lilies and other flowers to make decorative bouquets.

Step 3

Make a variety of crafts with dried poppy pod heads. They make delightful additions to Christmas or spring wreaths. Or they can be dried and shellacked and used in jewelry pieces or other crafts.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Shellac


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