How to Plant Frangipani Seeds


Frangipani is quite easy to plant from seed. Although the flower's name sounds exotic and its seeds may require web-surfing to find, the frangipani grows as amenably as most other tropical flowers. Once in the ground, moisture and sunlight are frangipani's main concern. Supplement that with periodic feeding and pruning and the frangipani will grow happily and healthily for years to come.

Step 1

Fill several small pots (up to 1 inch below the lip of the pot) with high-quality, sandy seed-starting potting soil.

Step 2

Water the soil so that the top few inches of the soil are moist. Then fill the tray with water.

Step 3

Plant one frangipani seed in the center of each small pot. Hold the seed by its wing, and push the seed head into the soil until only the wing protrudes. If the wing falls to the side when you let go, pinch a little soil around the base of the wing to help hold it in place.

Step 4

Place the pots outdoors (if you planted in spring; if not, keep them indoors until the weather warms up) in indirect sunlight. Continue to keep the seedlings moist (but bring them in if it rains heavily) with regular light sprays of water--so you don't disturb the seed or the soil--until they germinate. Depending on the weather, this could take anywhere from one week to two months.

Step 5

Transplant the frangipanis in three months to a year, or whenever they outgrow their pots.

Things You'll Need

  • Small pots with trays
  • Potting soil
  • Watering can
  • Spray bottle
  • Water


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