Proper Watering of Turf & Lawn Grasses


Watering the grass in your yard is all about timing and need. If you have steady rain once or twice a week, you may not need to water; however if you are in a drought, your grass will be desperate for a drink. Time of day is also important in watering, with some times being healthier for the lawn than others. Follow some steps for proper watering of turf and lawn grasses.

Step 1

Wait to water. Do not water immediately when weather turns warm. Delaying watering causes grass to grow its roots deeper into the soil. This will help sustain it through the summer by tapping into soil that will be cooler and possibly have more water and nutrients. You will know the grass is responding to the lack of water when it doesn't pop back after being walked on.

Step 2

Water early in the day, such as dawn, but do not water every day. If you water in the afternoon, you will lose most of the moisture to evaporation, and if you water in the evening, the damp, dark nights will promote mildew and mold. The only grass that needs daily morning watering is sod or newly seeded grass. Constant watering of established grass will encourage shallow roots that can dry out in the hot part of summer.

Step 3

Water the entire lawn uniformly with sprinklers. This will keep your entire lawn looking healthy with no patches of dying or stressed grass. Watch for areas with slopes to make sure the water isn't running and pooling. If it is, water for a shorter period, wait a while, and water again.

Things You'll Need

  • Water hose
  • Sprinklers


  • University of Illinois Extention: Watering Lawns the Right Way
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