Christmas Flower Arranging Ideas

The poinsettia has become synonymous with Christmas flower arranging. Guatemala produces 60 million poinsettias a year, which is 80 percent of the world's poinsettia production. The association of poinsettias with Christmas began in the 16th century with a story of a young girl's miracle of turning weeds into poinsettias as a gift for the church altar. There are a number of types of flower arrangements to create for Christmas.

Pillar Candle Centerpiece

Candles are traditional at Christmas time because it is the season of waiting for the light to return. Place a white pillar candle in a hurricane lamp in the middle of the table. Surround the base of the candle with evergreen boughs. Small white carnations set among the green boughs look like twinkling stars.

Poinsettia Basket

Poinsettias are available in small and large sizes at Christmas, in many shades of pink and red. Use three small potted red poinsettia plants and a large wicker basket for this arrangement. Simply place the potted poinsettias in the basket and surround them with florist's moss or ivy.

All White Flowers

Roses, lilies, freesia and lisianthus together in an all-white flower arrangement create a peaceful look for Christmas. Tie gold ribbon around a tall flower vase to compliment the white flowers. White represents the new beginnings associated with the winter holidays.

Antique Ornaments

Everyone enjoys seeing antique Christmas ornaments and an effective way to use them is in a flower arrangement. Choose a wide-mouthed green bowl as a vase and fill the vase with graceful long stemmed narcissism mixed with sprigs of ivy. Set the vase on a plate filled with pine cones. Place the antique Christmas ornaments throughout the pine cones, then set the arrangement on a side table or coffee table.


Another way to use pine cones is with a rose flower arrangement. Roses carry the meaning of love and when they are paired with pine cones it means Christmas love. Use two vases for this arrangement, one that will fit inside the other. Fill the bigger one with pine cones. Put red roses in the smaller one that is inside. A variation on this is to fill the larger vase with colorful Christmas tree balls.

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