How to Make & Start Seed Packets


While you can walk into almost any home and garden center and buy prepackaged seeds ready for planting, it is a lot harder to track down plain seed packets for storing your own collected seeds. Luckily you can easily make and start seed packets to store all of your seeds from simple supplies you may already have in your home. Once your seed packets are made and the glue is dry, you are ready to put seeds inside them and store in a cool, dark place away from moisture.

Step 1

Draw a 4-by-6½-inch upright rectangle in the middle of your paper. Measure down from the top line 1/2 inch and draw a horizontal 4-inch line all the way across the rectangle. This small rectangle will be the side flap of the seed packet.

Step 2

Measure up from the bottom line by 3 inches and draw a second 4-inch horizontal line across the rectangle. The drawing should now be split into two identical rectangles 4-by-3 inches and one small rectangle at the top which is 1/2-by-4 inches.

Step 3

Measure out from one side of the middle rectangle by 1 inch and draw a vertical line 3 inches long. Draw the top and bottom horizontal lines to connect this new line to the middle rectangle, forming a small rectangle which will be the top flap of the seed packet.

Step 4

Repeat step three on the other side of the middle rectangle, but only measure out 1/2 inch away instead of 1 inch, to create the bottom flap of the packet. The middle rectangle will be your seed packet's front and the bottom rectangle will be the packet's back.

Step 5

Cut out your packet's pattern along the outer lines only. Fold the rectangle that is the back of the packet over the front piece along the drawn line followed by the two 1/2-inch flaps to form a side and bottom. Glue the flaps down to create the packet.

Step 6

Label your packets as you fill them with the name of the plant, the date you collected the seeds, the planting and spacing information of the seeds (if known), and what color the flowers are if the plant was a flowering one. Fold the top flap over your packet to close it once the seeds are inside and store.

Things You'll Need

  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue


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