How to Kill Grass Without Killing Shrubs


On some lawns, the border between the garden and the lawn is frequently in dispute. And often times there's too much grass or grassy weeds to make pulling the grass worth the time and effort. Luckily, there are many selective herbicides on the market that kill grass effectively and are safe to use around, or even on, shrubs.

Step 1

Spray or sprinkle a liquid or granular postemergent, grass-selective herbicide on the offending grass, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 2

Use a spray bottle to wash of any herbicide that may have inadvertently been sprayed on your shrubs or garden plants. The grass herbicide may not kill your other plants, but it may turn their foliage brown, especially if temperatures are high.

Step 3

Respray the grass as needed, at the intervals prescribed by the herbicide's manufacturer.

Things You'll Need

  • Herbicide
  • Spray bottle
  • Water


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