Vegetable Container Gardening Ideas

Growing vegetables in containers take up very little space. Containers can be placed on a patio, porch or balcony or used in combination with flower and garden beds. Container gardens also take less maintenance and allow people with disabilities to garden because little bending or lifting is needed.

Herb Pot

Growing herbs in your kitchen is a good start for a novice gardener. Make sure you use herbs that require similar growing conditions. Create a Mediterranean flavor pot by planting sage, thyme, parsley, marjoram, basil and rosemary. These herbs require plenty of light and will thrive in a sunny spot. The leaves give off a strong aroma, and the varying color of the herb leaves create an interesting combination.

Windowsill Salad

A container garden of different types of lettuce is colorful and will provide a bountiful harvest all summer long. Plant butterhead in the center of the pot, then a circular row of romaine lettuces, surrounded by red and green oak leaf lettuce or red sails lettuce. The colors and textures will provide beautiful foliage from early to late summer. If one plant dies off, replace with colorful basil or eggplant.

Recycled Garden

Instead of purchasing expensive pots or containers at a garden center, reuse old containers for your vegetable garden. Use an old wheelbarrow or cart as a mobile vegetable garden. Larger vegetables such as tomatoes (add a stake or trellis near one side of the garden); cucumbers, which can hang down the side; cabbages; broccoli; and dwarf corn make an interesting variety of vegetables for your garden on wheels. Add lettuce or salad greens at the base of these plants once they are established. The lettuce and greens have shallow roots and won't interfere with the larger vegetables' growth.

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