How to Fix Garden Hoses


If you have a hole or split in a garden hose, you might want to repair it instead of replacing it. There are ways to fix the damaged area so the hose works again. For small holes, you might find the supplies needed in your home. If not, a quick trip to the hardware store will be needed.

Step 1

Clean the area where the hose has a hole or is split. For small leaks, use duct tape or a raft patch kit to seal the hole. Wrap the tape diagonally around the hose, making sure to overlap as you go. Start several inches before the hole and end several inches on the other side. Or apply glue from an inflatable raft patch kit to the patch material and press it in place over the hole.

Step 2

Cut the hose on either end of the damaged area if the leak is not small. You will need to use a hose replacement kit to repair the section. Remove the damaged section and take it to the hardware store to buy the kit. Kits are sold based on the inside width of the hose.

Step 3

Slide the clamps in the kit onto the two ends of exposed hose. This will allow you to screw in the new section.

Step 4

Insert the hose section that came with the kit into the two clamps and twist until it is screwed in. Do not overtighten or you will strip out the clamps. If you want something more durable, look in the plumbing section for metal hose clamps the same size as the plastic ones that come in the kit. You will still have to buy the kit for the new hose section, but the repair should last longer.

Things You'll Need

  • Duct tape or inflatable raft patch
  • or
  • Garden hose repair kit


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