How to Care for Vinca Flowers


Vinca is a fast-growing annual that blooms from late spring to fall. A lover of warm weather, the vinca is tolerant of a variety of conditions during the summer months, although it is not hardy enough to withstand frost in colder climates. Plant vinca several weeks after any danger of frost has passed and be rewarded with an abundance of flowers all season long.

Step 1

Plant vinca in well-drained soil in your garden or in a container where it will receive partial to full sun.

Step 2

Water vinca when soil becomes dry even though it can tolerate drought. Water directly on the soil to help avoid splashback and the spread of any fungal disease that may exist in your garden. Mulching will also help to prevent any splashback from rain.

Step 3

Avoid planting vinca in the same spot each year to reduce the possibility of disease.

Step 4

Apply controlled-release fertilizer once plants are established in the spring. If your vinca is planted in a pot, fertilize once a month.

Step 5

Avoid deadheading or removing faded flowers; it is not necessary with the low-maintenance vinca as its flowers will drop on their own.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Controlled-release fertilizer
  • Mulch, if necessary


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