Facts on Beech Trees

Beech trees (Fagus sylvatica) belong to the same plant family as oak trees (Fagaceae). Gardeners grow these plants for landscaping due to their elegant look. Beech trees grow leaves from March to April, produce flowers from April to May and sprout nuts, which are rich in oil nutrients, from September to October.


Beech trees are in most parts of the world, except in Africa and Southern Asia. They're widespread in North America, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Europe and Asia Minor.


Smooth, grayish bark consists of many arched branches that point towards the ground. The crown contains dark green, oval-shaped leaves with pointy ends and wavy edges. In younger leaves, the edges have fringed hairs. The nuts possess four lobes and grow inside a husk in pairs. The beech tree can produce male and female flowers; the male blooms grow in drooped clusters, while the female flowers pair up on short stalks.


Plant the trees in an area exposed to partial sunlight during the middle of summer, but full sun during the rest of the year. Water them frequently when the weather turns hot to prevent the leaf edges from drying out; reduce the amount of water in the winter. Avoid feeding beech trees for the first four weeks after the buds open, then fertilize them one every two weeks until the end of the summer season.


Borers like to attack weakened beech trees, so keep them strong by regularly feeding and irrigating them when the weather turns dry. Use a garden hose to spray a strong enough stream of water to wash aphids off the branches. Look for scales and bark beetles by regularly checking tree trunks and branches.


Beech trees may scorch during periods of low rainfall and hot temperatures, so make sure you apply enough water. Brownish liquid may come from cankers, which can lead to the death of beech branches. In this case, you'll need to cut off the infected limbs. With beech bark disease, a fungus may invade a scale's feeding site and destroy the insect and the bark. Control this by getting rid of the scale insect using a horticultural oil.

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