How to Prune With a Stik Tree Pruner


Pruning is key to a great garden. Plants grown in a home landscape need to be trimmed to fit their space. This will allow sunshine in, encourage growth and keep air circulating to prevent disease. However, what was easy with a 5-foot shrub becomes harder with a 10-foot tree. Long-handled pruners become necessary to enable gardeners to reach high branches safely and cut them cleanly. Pruning Stiks eliminate the need for ropes, ladders and contortions to reach high branches.


Step 1

Decide which branches need to be removed from your vines, shrubs and trees. Overgrown plants need all broken and diseased areas pruned away to maintain healthy growth. A Pruning Stik's fiberglass outer pole and aluminum inner pole will extend to upper branches 13 feet high without the need for a ladder.

Step 2

Use the Pruning Stik's sharp cutting blades to mark deadwood and branches that rub together by notching their bark, then adjust the angle of the head to make clean cuts. Use the long pole to stand at an angle so the severed wood won't drop on you.

Step 3

Put the targeted branch between the sharp coated pruner blades and pull the orange handle or the rope. Cut at an angle to the limb by rotating the cutting head 240 degrees to make clean cuts.

Shaping Growth

Step 1

Shape your tree by visualizing the form you want it to take. Remove all branches that are outside this form with the Pruning Stik.

Step 2

Use the Stik's rotating head and long pole to reach through branches to the interior of the tree or shrub. Clean out tangled growth and open the plant up to the sun and air by manipulating the sharp cutting blade to the best position, then pull the rope or the pole's ergonomic handle to slice through the wood.

Step 3

Move around under the base of the plant to get at the best angles. With no rope to get caught, a Pruning Stik lets you prune away unwanted growth from most directions. Adjust the Stik's 5- to 13-foot pole and lightweight head, which weigh just 2 to 5 lbs., to reach awkward angles to cut unwanted branches off and encourage growth while controlling the shape of your vine, tree or shrub.

Attachments and Features

Step 1

Use a Pruning Stik with an attachable 15-inch saw blade on plants with larger branches.

Step 2

Get a Stik with a telescoping feature for maximum versatility and easy storage.

Step 3

Prune the lower branches and then move up the tree by using the telescoping mechanism to reach branches up to 13 feet high from the safety of the ground.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning Stik


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  • Gardener's Supply Company: Pruning Stik Tree Pruner
  • Fiskars: Telescoping Pruning Stik
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