How to Grow Rice Indoors


Rice is the seed, or grain, from a type of grass (Oryza sativa) that is grown as a major food crop around the world. Growing rice requires lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. Growing it indoors allows you to control the growing environment by utilizing grow lights. Rice can be grown in any large container, from a bucket to an aquarium.

Step 1

Mix together 3 inches of potting soil and 3 inches of compost and pour it into the growing container. Use the tallest container that you can find as the rice plants will grow to 3 feet in height.

Step 2

Add water that is at least 75 degrees Fahrenheit until it is 2 inches above the soil.

Step 3

Scatter 1/2 cup of rice seed evenly over the surface of the water and allow it to sink onto the soil.

Step 4

Place the container in an area where it will receive all-day sun, or 6 inches below grow lights which are left on at least 12 hours a day. The rice should germinate within three to seven days.

Step 5

Add warm water periodically to keep it 2 inches above the soil. When the plants reach 6 inches in height, increase the water level to 4 inches above the soil, again using warm water. Allow this water to evaporate completely.

Step 6

Harvest the rice when the stalks turn gold. This will occur within four to five months.

Things You'll Need

  • Potting soil
  • Compost
  • Growing container (tall sided bucket, aquarium or other growing container that will hold water)
  • Rice seed
  • Newspaper
  • Grow lights


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