How to Plant a Strawberry Planter


Strawberries are a good plant for growing in a container such as a strawberry planter. They have small root systems and will produce sweet fruit if they receive either enough nutrition from the soil mixture or from liquid fertilizer. The planter keeps the berries up off the ground, saving them from slugs and other moisture problems commonly associated with growing strawberries on the ground.

Step 1

Prepare your soil by taking equal parts of the potting soil or humus, sand and peat moss. Mix them with enough water to moisten the mixture well, making sure there are no spots where the peat moss is still dry.

Step 2

Fill your strawberry planter about 2/3 full with the potting mixture you prepared. You will need room for the strawberry plants to fit in before you add the rest of the soil. Make an indentation in the soil at every opening to fit the plants into.

Step 3

Remove the plants from their container and push them into the side openings in the planters. Make sure you keep the crown of the plant at soil level and don't bury it. Firm the soil around the roots. Plant the rest of the plants and then fill the planter with enough soil so that it has just an inch of space from the top.

Step 4

Water your newly planted strawberries a little at a time so that it doesn't flow out at the lower openings. It is easier to water a little every day instead of waiting until the soil is dry and then trying to water. You can fertilize the strawberries with a liquid fertilizer formulated for acid-loving plants.

Things You'll Need

  • Strawberry plants
  • Strawberry planter
  • Potting soil (equal parts peat moss, potting soil, sand)


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