How to Put in New Sod


Putting in new sod will require some labor and commitment to making sure that the new sod takes hold and grows. The rewards will be a green, lush lawn that feels soft under your feet. The sod comes in rolled up section of about four to ten feet and one inch thick. Wait to buy the new sod when you have the area ready or the sod could start to die out before you get a chance to plant it.

Step 1

Remove all weeds and stones from the ground where you will lay the sod. Use a hard rake to work the ground so it is loosened up. The ground must be one inch below a driveway, sidewalk or existing lawn because the new sod will be one inch thick with its own soil and roots. Apply the starter fertilizer to the soil. Add the fertilizer only one to two days before you plan to lay the new sod.

Step 2

Buy the new sod from a sod farm or from the local nursery. Have the sod delivered. Look for sod that is green and has grass blades of at least 2 inches long. The rolls are about one to two feet wide. To determine how much sod you need, measure the area and have the sod dealer help you determine how much you will need since it will depend on the size of the sod that the company has.

Step 3

Lay the first roll of sod out against the sidewalk, driveway or existing lawn. Keep the side of the sod tight the sidewalk or existing lawn so that there are no gaps. The sod is thick, so if you need to cut a portion of the sod to fit, use a sharp knife. Pat the entire piece of sod down so that you have no air pockets under the sod or that part of the sod could die out because the roots will not be able to establish in the ground soil.

Step 4

Lay the ends and sides tightly together so that you cannot tell where one piece ends and the next piece starts. Don't be afraid to use your hand to pound the edges down so that there is a seamless appearance. If you are working on a hill, you may need to use stakes to hold the sod in place. Insert the stake in the ground in each row to keep the sod from moving during watering. Put the stake through the middle of the piece of sod and not on the sides where you have seams.

Step 5

Water the new sod at least once a day for 14 days and then every other day for one week. After the initial water schedule for new sod, keep the sod watered in hot conditions so it stays healthy and green. Make sure that the sod receives a deep watering. The water should penetrate the soil 1 inch deep. If in doubt of how much water to use, place an empty vegetable can in the middle of the sod lawn. Turn on the sprinkler. When the can has an inch of water, you are done.

Things You'll Need

  • Sod
  • Starter fertilizer
  • Sharp knife
  • Stakes (for hills only)
  • Hard rake
  • Sprinkler


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