Garden Moss Removal Instructions


Moss often grows in areas of your lawn that lack sunlight or get too much water. This includes flower and vegetable gardens. Whatever the cause of the moss, you will want to kill it and remove it. If you don't, the moss will rob your plants and vegetables of the nutrients they need to remain healthy. Removing the moss isn't hard, but you will need to be careful of the other vegetation in your garden.

Step 1

Purchase a moss killer that contains the ingredient ferrous ammonium sulfate. This product works quickly to kill the moss in your garden so that you can remove it.

Step 2

Apply the ferrous ammonium sulfate product as directed on the product label. Some products may require you to mix them with water first. Following the instructions is key if you want to kill the moss in your garden. Note: Be sure to spray the herbicide only on the moss. If it gets on your other plants or vegetables, it will kill them.

Step 3

Wait for the moss to die. You will easily be able to tell when this happens because the moss will go from green to black.

Step 4

Rake up the black moss from your garden and shovel it into garbage bags. Set it out with your trash.

Step 5

Plant new flowers or vegetables in your garden where you removed the moss. If you don't want to put in new flowers or vegetables, you can always mulch the area.

Things You'll Need

  • Ferrous ammonium sulfate
  • Rake
  • Garbage bags


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