What Plants and Herbs Grow Well in an Indoor Office?

Spending a large portion of one's day indoors in an office can be frustrating at times. Cultivating plants indoors for your office can be a rewarding experience that helps bring a little extra relaxation and peace to your work space. There are a number of plants and herbs that will grow well in an indoor office, possibly improving the atmosphere.


Parsley (Petroselinum crispum ) is a clumping annual herb native to Europe and the Mediterranean. The plant boast bright green leaves, which are commonly chewed on to freshen one's breath. Parsley grows well in indoor containers, and can be easily grown in an office and used as a garnish during lunch. The plant should be grown where it can receive full sunlight. Parsley prefers a slightly acidic soil. Water the plant when the soil becomes a just a little bit damp to the touch.

African Daisy

A native of South Africa, African daisy (Gerbera Jamesonii) is a commonly cultivated perennial well-known for its magnificently colored blooms--available in colors ranging from pink to orange, yellow and red. The plant is also notable for its lush, blue-green foliage. The plant is easy to grow as an indoor container plant, and can mostly be left alone in a sunny area in the office. Plant African daisies in well-draining soil, and water occasionally. Fertilize the plant in the summer to encourage flower growth and overall health.


Spearmint (Mentha spicata) is a bushy perennial herb native to Europe. Prized for its fresh taste, the spear-shaped green leaves of the plant can be used for tea or as a garnish over dessert. Spearmint grows best in full sunlight in a well-drained, general purpose potting soil. Keep the plant's soil evenly moist, and fertilize every two weeks with a diluted water-soluble fertilizer.

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