How to Sow Herb Seeds


Herbs can be grown indoors or in an outside garden and as companion plants to vegetables. The aromatic leaves and brilliant green colors and textures of herbs create interest on a window sill, and provide flavor and spice to meals. You can sow seeds indoors in early spring or late winter in peat pots for transplanting to an outdoor garden, or create an indoor garden that you can enjoy year-round.

Instructions for indoor garden

Step 1

Cover the base of a clay pot with broken shards of pottery or large pebbles for drainage.

Step 2

Cover pottery or pebbles with soil. Soil should be loamy and contain organic matter. If you purchased general-use soil, combine with organic matter such as compost or rotted manure before using in pot.

Step 3

Make a trench for your seeds on top of soil using hand rake, or use your fingers to make holes for the seeds. Seeds should be planted at a depth of twice their diameter.

Step 4

Cover seeds with soil and pat down lightly using hand-held rake or your hands.

Step 5

Use a watering can to thoroughly water pot. Seeds must be kept moist until germinating. Move pot to a sunny location. Water herbs frequently during summer months.

Things You'll Need

  • Clay pot
  • Soil
  • Organic matter
  • Hand-held rake
  • Herb seeds
  • Water


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  • University of Missouri Extension
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