How to Start Growing Roses


Roses are beautiful and can be a lovely centerpiece for any garden. Today there are so many varieties of roses that there is a rose to suit every garden, no matter what size or climate.

Step 1

Determine your hardiness zone and what rose cultivars will do well in your area.

Step 2

Choose a disease-resistant variety of rose that appeals to you. Be sure that you know how big this type of rose will get so that you can allot enough space in the garden.

Step 3

Choose a spot in your garden where the rose will get a lot of sun and where there is enough room for the rose to grow to its full height without being crowded.

Step 4

Purchase and plant your rose, paying close attention to the planting instructions that come with it.

Step 5

Carefully mulch around your rose, using a high-quality organic compost. Never use bark, wood, or rubber mulch around your roses.

Step 6

Water your rose immediately after planting and daily after that. Use a soaker hose so that you do not get the foliage wet; this can attract disease. Give your garden a full soak every week. Water more often if the weather is extremely hot and/or dry, or if the ground around the rose appears parched and cracked.

Step 7

Weed often to be sure that no weeds grow anywhere near your roses. Weeds will compete with the rose for nutrients and resources and will inhibit the rose's growth.

Step 8

Prune your roses throughout summer, getting rid of all damaged and diseased foliage. Prune again in early spring as the first growth begins. Always make certain that you remove fallen foliage and cuttings and bag and/or burn them to prevent the spread of disease.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you prick yourself on a thorn, wash the cut carefully and treat it with antibiotic ointment. While rare, you can develop sporotrichosis, or rose thorn disease, from a thorn scratch.

Things You'll Need

  • Rosebush
  • Shovel
  • Hose
  • Pruning shears


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