How to Kill Ants in Lawn


Ants in your lawn are typically beneficial, according to Iowa State University. They pick up debris and dead insects and help keep the soil surface clean. Unfortunately, in sufficient numbers they may attack both you and your plants. If ants have become a nuisance in your lawn, treat the turf with a combination of physical and chemical controls to successfully eradicate the little bugs.

Step 1

Track where the ants live. Put a dime-sized amount of honey, maple syrup or a similar sweet substance in an area of your lawn where you notice the little insects. Check back after three to four hours. The ants will have formed a line back to their ant hill.

Step 2

Flatten the ant hill with a rake, which may deters ants and force them to look for a new home to build their nest, according to Iowa State University. Inspect the area after a week.

Step 3

Dust the soil in and around the ant hill with a granular insecticide formulated with carbaryl or bendiocarb if the ants have rebuilt their hill, according to Ohio State University. Spread it in a 3-foot radius around the ant hill.

Step 4

Inspect the area after two to three weeks. Repeat the insecticide treatment as needed until your ant problem is gone.

Things You'll Need

  • Sweet syrup
  • Rake
  • Insecticide


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