How to Grow With Indoor Lights


Typical modern indoor lighting does not provide plants with the correct quantities or types of light rays. Indoor lighting should simulate natural outdoor lighting. Plant grow lights provide a spectrum of needed light types and intensities. White grow lights provide another spectrum. Using both to grow with indoor lights provides the proper environment for indoor plants. Stunted growth, increased vulnerability to plant disease and decreased bloom volumes result from improper indoor lights for growing plants.

Step 1

Set indoor plant containers near an electrical outlet in the desired location for growing.

Step 2

Select trays that will fit under one or several indoor plant containers. Fill trays with small pebbles and half-full with water. Place trays underneath the containers.

Step 3

Install one white grow light and one plant grow light bulb into a plant light lamp. If the lamp model allows more than two bulbs, fill the additional bulb spaces with plant grow lights.

Step 4

Group plants by types. For example: place all seedlings, all full-sun and all partial sun plants together in groups.

Step 5

Position the lamp 6 inches above seedlings and 12 inches above partially grown and mature plants. Plants requiring partial-shade should be positioned 14 inches under the indoor light lamp.

Step 6

Attach a timer to the grow light lamp. Set the timer to turn on and off every 12 hours for seedlings and plants requiring full-sun. Set the timer to turn on every 20 hours for plants requiring less sun.

Step 7

Place an oscillating fan 4 feet from the plants. Attach a timer to the fan. Set the timer to turn on and off every 12 hours.

Tips and Warnings

  • Never leave indoor lights or fans operating when on vacation or gone extended periods of time. Check growing surfaces often to make certain they are not over-heating.

Things You'll Need

  • Indoor plant light lamps
  • Plant grow lights
  • White grow lights
  • Oscillating fan
  • Small pebbles
  • Water trays
  • Water
  • Indoor plants
  • Timers


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