How to Build a Compost Bin From a Pallet


Plants need a variety of nutrients and organic matter to grow strong and to produce flowers or fruit. Compost provides these nutrients without adding chemicals to the garden. A pallet compost bin is simple to make and requires very little money to put together. With basic tools, you can make a very useful composting system in just a few minutes.

Step 1

Stand two pallets up on end at 90 degree angles from each other.

Step 2

Connect the two pallets together using lengths of baling wire, wrapping it around and between the boards that form the corner. Wrap wire in at least three places and secure it by twisting the ends of the wire tightly together.

Step 3

Place another pallet standing next to one of the pallets, again at a 90 degree angle. The three pallets together should form a "U" shape. Connect that pallet to the one it's next to with wire as before.

Step 4

Attach two more pallets to the "U" shape to make a "W" shape. Use the wire to secure them tightly. When finished the bin should have two compartments that are open in the front.

Step 5

Attach one more pallet to the front of one of the openings either by using baling wire that can be removed later or by installing hook and eye closures to make the last pallet easy to remove.

Step 6

Remove the pallet, if using the hook and eye method, and move it to the other compartment. Install eye hooks where needed to attach it to the front of the compartment.

Step 7

Build your compost pile in the compartment that has the front on it. When it is time to turn the compost, remove the front panel and attach it to the other compartment, then shovel or use a pitch fork to move all of the materials from one compartment to the other. This will mix the compost and help to redistribute the decaying matter. Continue switching compartments as needed to turn the matter until the composted material is ready.

Things You'll Need

  • Seven pallets
  • Baling wire
  • Eye hooks (optional)


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