How to Make Big Wedding Bouquets


Whether you're wanting to make use of the flowers from your garden, or you simply want to create your own bouquet, making large wedding bouquets allows you to experiment with a variety of colors and textures. Making a large and lovely bouquet of a variety of flowers allows you to take control of the overall appearance of the arrangement and ensures that you'll dazzle those who see your floral wedding bouquet.

Step 1

Select three flowers of the largest blooms you can find. Such varieties include grandiflora roses, Asiatic lilies and magnolia blossoms. The three large blooms will serve as a central focal point of your wedding bouquet.

Step 2

Select a variety of small flowers to surround the large blooms in the center of the bouquet. Such flowers include small carnations, tea roses and daisies. Select 20, 30 or even 40 small flowers.

Step 3

Gather the flowers of your choosing in your hands, arranging the three largest blossoms into the exact center of the bouquet.

Step 4

Grasp your fist around the center of the bundle of stems and secure a rubber band over the stems to keep them together.

Step 5

Introduce two or three large vines of English ivy or other big foliage to the bouquet. Arrange the vines or other foliage choice around the outer sides of the bouquet.

Step 6

Wrap two to three layers of green floral tape around the center of the stems and foliage, snugly. This keeps the bouquet together.

Step 7

Decorate the stem part of the bouquet with various lengths of silk ribbon secured by straight pins.

Things You'll Need

  • 3 large blossomed-flowers
  • 20 assorted small flowers
  • Foliage
  • Rubber band
  • Green floral tape
  • Assorted ribbon rolls
  • Straight pins


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