Climbing Roses That Can Be Planted in a Container

The most important consideration in planting a climbing rose is giving it enough room. Climbing roses grow anywhere from 7 to 20 feet in height. Some old-fashioned varieties, such as the Cecile Brunner rose, grow 25 to 30 feet, easily covering a garage or tall fence. Climbing roses grown in containers have less root space, and therefore will not grow as tall. Container roses need more frequent watering and their container soil changed every three years.

Red Roses

Crimson Cascade grows 8 feet in height under normal garden conditions. It has a light rose fragrance, double blooms of dark red, and is resistant to disease. Another bright red flowered climbing rose is the Red Dorothy Perkins, which was introduced in 1909. It has small double flowers, and blooms in the summer only. It has no fragrance, but is tolerant of partial shade and poor soil. Red Fountain is a climbing variety that has a strong fragrance and is also a vigorous bloomer. The flowers are double-petaled and bloom on long pointed buds.

Pink Roses

Leander is a strong climbing rose that can reach 7 to 14 feet, with an open habit and slender stems. This is classified as an English Rose shrub. The flowers are creamy pink to apricot and bloom repeatedly from spring to fall. It has a strong rose fragrance and is disease resistant. Choose Carefree Beauty for a darker, rosy pink color blossom. It has an oval-shaped bud with semi-double blossoms that form on long stems. This rose grows to a height of 5 to 6 feet, which makes it a good choice for container gardening. It needs full sun and regular side dressings of compost fertilizer. Abraham Darby or Country Darby gives flowers that are shell pink with a yellow underside. It is an English Austin rose with fruity, heady fragrance. This rose is sometimes classified as a shrub but grows to 10 feet. The flowers are a cupped double bloom, which repeats until frost.

Yellow Roses

Clusters of large, double-petaled apricot-gold blooms grow on the variety known as Autumn Sunset. This rose grows to 12 feet and is a hardy, vigorous climber that is resistant to black spot. It flowers repeatedly through the fall. Apricot, copper and orange blossoms on the Westerland climbing rose also repeat-bloom until fall. The flowers are ruffled, doubled and cupped, and bloom in clusters. This rose plant can be categorized as a shrub, but when it has the space, it will reach a height of 6 to 12 feet. It grows well on a pillar and can tolerate shade and poor soil.

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