How to Make a Carnation Bouquet


A herbaceous perennial flower, the carnation proves to be a favorite garden and bouquet plant. It grows in a wide variety of colors, from white and pink to red and shades of purple. The bloom sits atop a long, sturdy stem, making it an easy flower to add to floral arrangements and bouquets. Making a carnation bouquet allows you to experiment with an assortment of different carnation colors and green whimsical foliage.

Step 1

Select 12 long-stemmed carnations that have no visible blemishes on them. Add more carnations if you want a large bouquet.

Step 2

Bundle all of the carnations together at the stems and hold the stems in your fist. Make sure all of the flowers are lined up evenly in your hand.

Step 3

Slip a rubber band over the center of the bundled stems to hold the flowers together.

Step 4

Place a wide-sweeping sprig of baby's breath in two or three places surrounding the carnation bouquet.

Step 5

Wrap a wide-gauge taffeta ribbon around the stems of the baby's breath and bundled stems of the carnations. Wrap the ribbon twice and secure it into a bow.

Things You'll Need

  • Carnations (12, assorted colors)
  • Baby's breath (3 wide sprigs)
  • Rubber band
  • Wide-gauge taffeta ribbon (12 inches)


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