Timothy Planting Instructions


A healthy lawn of green grass can make your home look attractive and inviting. This common type of groundcover supplies a surface area for activities or just visual enjoyment. Grass comes in several varieties for use in lawns, sport fields, land reclamation and parks. One type of bunchgrass, timothy (Phleum pretense), grows natively in areas of Europe and Asia. Americans first began using this perennial grass as early as the year 1720 to provide feed for livestock. Although commonly used by farmers in pastures, timothy grass can enhance naturalized areas of your lawn and landscape.

Step 1

Remove the weeds and nearby grasses from your planting area to avoid weed problems in your stand of timothy grass. Cut your weeds and other grasses before they have time to mature and produce new seeds. Roto-till the surface of your planting site to uproot stubborn weeds and plants with deep roots. Pull up and rake out any remaining vegetation.

Step 2

Add some compost to your soil to loosen heavy, compact soils and increase the amount of existing nitrogen to encourage healthy timothy grass. Till about 2 inches of compost into average soils. Use an inch or two more for heavy clay soils and dry sandy soils. Work this amendment into the top 5 to 7 inches of soil. Smooth the surface of your amended soil with your rake.

Step 3

Plant your timothy grass in the fall. Scatter your timothy seeds over your prepared seedbed at the rate of about 50 lbs. per acre. Use a seed broadcaster to evenly apply the seeds in large expanses or scatter by hand in small areas.

Step 4

Pack the seeds into the loose topsoil with a seed roller. Check your local agricultural rental agency or landscaping supplier for a seed roller. Use this to go over the exposed timothy seeds, firmly pressing them into the soil.

Step 5

Allow your seeds to rest in the soil until the moisture and warmth of spring encourage them to begin sprouting. Like many types of pasture grasses, timothy doesn't require supplemental watering in naturalized areas of your landscape.

Things You'll Need

  • Roto-tiller
  • Rake
  • Compost
  • Seed broadcast spreader
  • Seed roller
  • Timothy grass seed


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